Covid Testing & Fit to Fly Certification

Day 2 test £165 | Day 2 & 8 tests £210 | Day 5 release £125 | Return to the Uk £44.95

Have you got covid?

Our rapid Antigen test consists solely of a nasal swab. It is currently the only 15 minute Antigen test available in the UK. This test is not offered in clinic, however we will come to your own home. Remember this test is offered free by the NHS at many locations over the UK.



Have you had covid? Antibody testing is designed for persons who suspect that they may have been previously infected with the COVID virus. Most patients that have had the disease previously have been found to produce the IgG antibody.




This test includes your antigen test and also your fit to fly certification. Your test and certificate will be provided on the same day. *Please check with the country you are flying to whether they require a fit to fly certificate or a PCR test.



Some airlines and Countries will require a PCR test (polymerase chain reaction) This test involves collection your sample and sending it to a laboratory for analysis. Results take upto 48 hours. Please check if you need fit to fly certification or a PCR test before booking your appointment as we offer both tests