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Tattoo Removal, Piercing and Ear Wax Removal


A consultation and patch test is required before your appointment. We charge by time, not size. We will remove as many tattoos as possible in the time booked. Tattoo removal is a unique method of chemical removal. The removal solution is introduced to the skin via a similar process to how the tattoo was applied in the first place. The special formula mobilizes tattoo pigments lifting them out of the skin. This is ideal for stubborn colors or remains of black ink after laser removal - 2 inch square by 2 in square 95 plus another 1 in by 1 in square - £25



Lasers remove tattoos by safely applying intense light to the pigment and breaking up the ink into tiny particles. After several treatments (with regular intervals between sessions), the body breaks down and removes the pigment in the tattoo, through your lymphatic system

  • Under 10 minutes £40

  • 15 minute £60

  • 30 minute £80

  • 45 minute £100



All piercing customers under the age of 16 years, need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.​

From £40



The Tympa syssem includes a specialist suction system, delivering quick safe and painless microsection treatment, it gently removes wax from the ear canal. This is one of the safest, easiest and least painful ways to get rid of excess ear wax.

Ear wax can cause pain and can impact on your hearing.

  • Ear Health Check £20

  • One Ear £30

  • Both Ears £45

Tattoo Removal
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